School of Grammar: Grades 1 – 6

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Comprehensive Two-Day Program:
Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

At Live Oak Academy, our Grammar students spend a great deal of time memorizing the building blocks of each subject. In Dorothy Sayers’ article “The Lost Tools of Learning,” she writes, “Anything and everything which can usefully be committed to memory should be memorized at [a young age.]” Her reasoning can be summarized in this way:

  • Children are good at memorization.
  • Children enjoy memorization.
  • Children can use the information they memorize to do bigger and better things later on.

The key to effectiveness in this stage is that students must develop a love of what and how they learn. Inspired by the enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement exhibited by their teachers, our Grammar students truly enjoy learning. During these formative years, Grammar school students acquire a storehouse of knowledge that equips them to dive deeper into their coursework to meet the demands of Live Oak Academy’s School of Logic.