Classical education at Live Oak Academy is a commitment to a tried and true education style that has been proven over centuries. We find that classically-educated students are well prepared to embrace the past, to discern the present, and to shape the future.

Our methods and curriculum are grounded in guiding students through three stages of development:

  • The Grammar Stage (grades K-6), in which students acquire solid factual foundations
  • The Logic Stage (grades 7-8), which reinforces sound reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • The Rhetoric Stage (grades 9-12), in which students develop their abilities to express themselves with clarity and confidence

In recent years, classical education has seen a revival due to the trust parents and educators can place in a schooling approach which has been repeatedly validated. At all stages, we engage with wise and thoughtful thinkers whose ideas have contributed to the dialogue of mankind for up to 2500 years. Plato, the authors of Scripture and the Fathers of the Church, Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Pascal, and C. S. Lewis are among the many great minds who influence our students.

At Live Oak Academy, the classical model is offered in a Christian context. Our environment is nurturing, loving, and Christ-honoring.