This course uses the books Spell to Write and Read and WISE Guide for Spelling by Wanda Sanseri. This multi-sensory approach teaches penmanship, the sounds of speech (phonograms), and spelling rules in a manner that stimulates logical thinking and equips students for spelling mastery and reading fluency.

The program covers 2,000 core words, plus derivatives, to teach the foundational principles of English. Starting with spelling words at a beginning reader level, the program concludes with words at the high school graduate reading level. LOA students in Kindergarten begin the year with numeral and cursive letter formation, phonogram recognition and sounds, and spelling rules. In second semester, they complete the first 100 spelling words. Students from grades 1-5 are placed in one of five spelling sections,Spelling A-E. Placements are determined by functional mastery of concepts rather than by grade-level. At the completion of each year, students take an assessment that shows their level of mastery, determining placement for the forthcoming year. An equivalent of twelve grade levels of spelling are covered in the five spelling class levels A-E.

Cursive penmanship is taught and used in grades K-5. The most efficient form of handwriting, cursive penmanship is practiced with the goal of attaining fluent and legible writing at the speed a student needs to achieve for taking notes in class or composing their thoughts in coherent writing.