School of Grammar: History and Geography

History & Geography 1

The first grade History and Geography course introduces students to American history through a series of seven biographies of famous explorers and Americans by Ingri and Edgar d’Aulaire. In addition to reading the books and listening to them being read aloud, students discuss the people and events of the stories and work on projects to reinforce their understanding. A second book of history stories from around the world introduces students to famous people who made history. Also, students explore both world and United States geography. World geography focuses on continents and oceans, hemispheres, poles, the equator, and compass directions. United States geography consists of the names of the regions and states of the United States, learned through geography songs. Finally, students will learn to read simple maps, charts, and graphs through group and workbook activities.

History & Geography 2

The second grade History and Geography course presents the study of ancient history, from approximately 5,000 B.C. to 500 B.C. Through stories, art projects, and hands-on activities, the world of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt will be explored in a multi-sensory approach. In conjunction with the study of ancient history, students will learn the countries and capitals of the Middle East and major land and water forms of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions. Second graders will also continue their American history studies with the book, Story of the Pilgrims. A second book, History Stories for Children, introduces students to famous people and events from America and around the world. Additionally, students learn (or review) the names and locations of the fifty United States. Finally, the second graders become familiar with and illustrate geographic forms, and learn to read simple maps, charts, and graphs through workbook activities.

History & Geography 3

The third grade History and Geography course combines American history and world history studies. In the first semester, while learning about our country’s past, students become familiar with famous Americans such as George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, and Louisa May Alcott. During the second semester, students are introduced to the fascinating history of ancient Greece and Rome. Through chants, art projects, hands-on activities, and classroom plays, history comes alive in the classroom. In geography, children learn geographical terminology and memorize the continents, selected countries, and the U.S. capitals.

History 4

The fourth grade History and Geography course looks at the key events and important people from the fall of the Roman Empire through the Reformation. Students read sections from several primary textbooks and history readers covering the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Reformation. Using a history timeline chant based on the flashcards from Veritas Press, students commit to memory the significant dates, people and deeds of these eras. Pupils will also memorize the countries and selected capitals of the major European countries. Finally, students will compile a creative and comprehensive history binder with projects and class work throughout the year.

History 5

The fifth grade United States History and Geography course, Explorers to 1815, introduces students to what Europeans came to think of as “The New World” and then traces the development of the American nation from the colonial period until 1815. In order to emphasize the significant events and personalities found in the core text and history readers, recitation and drill work will be done regularly. Additionally, the text, 200 Questions about American History helps students to learn the major facts about America’s past. During the fourth quarter, students will examine California’s fascinating past in a literature-based mini-course. While reading books such as The Story of Junipero Serra, Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Express, and By the Great Horn Spoon the people and events of early California will come alive for the students. This year’s geography study will focus on North America.

History 6

The sixth grade History and Geography course looks at the key events and important people in American history from 1815 to the middle of the 20th century. Students will read four books from the captivating history series, A History of Us, by Joy Hakim, and work through thought-provoking study guides that correlate with these books. History flashcards from Veritas Press as well as the text, 200 Questions about American History will aid students in committing to memory the significant dates, people, and deeds of this era in U.S. history. Finally, pupils will memorize “The Gettysburg Address,” the U.S. presidents, and the location and capitals of the 50 states.