School of Grammar: Language Arts & Literature

Language Arts & Literature 1

The first grade Language Arts course focuses on helping students become strong readers and capable writers. Instruction in reading takes place at home and in the classroom as students read from the Pathway Reader Series and complete exercises in Reading-Thinking Skills. During the year, students are introduced to a variety of beautiful poems which they memorize and recite. Susan Wise Bauer books’ First Language Lessons and Writing with Ease develop the students’ grammar and writing skills using the classical methods of dictation, narration, and copy work.

Language Arts & Literature 2

This course builds upon the grammar and writing skills introduced in Live Oak Academy’s first grade class. Susan Wise Bauer books’ First Language Lessons and Writing with Ease employ the classical methods of dictation, narration, and copy work to help students increase their grammar and writing skills. By reading aloud in class and at home, using a variety of age- appropriate readers and classic novels, students increase their reading skills. Beautiful poetry will be read, memorized, and recited.

Language Arts & Literature 3

Students in Live Oak Academy’s third grade language arts course will gain English language skills necessary to speak, read, and write with accuracy and clarity. Students will compose compositions on a regular basis and grammar concepts will be practiced in class and at home using Level 3 of First Language Lessons by Susan Wise Bauer. In addition, students will read uplifting literary works, many of which have been selected to enhance their history studies. Finally, classic poems will be read, memorized, and recited.

Language Arts & Literature 4

In this language arts course, beautiful literature selections, detailed writing instruction, and a thorough grammar study deepens the fourth graders’ appreciation of good books and hones their writing skills. Uplifting novels such as Heidi and The Princess and the Goblin provide the fourth graders with inspiring themes and virtuous characters, while historical fiction works like The Door in the Wall and The Apple and the Arrow enhance what the children are learning in their history studies. Classic poems are analyzed, memorized, and recited. In addition, students are guided through each step of the writing process while they compose a variety of compositions including expository, descriptive, biographical, and narrative. Susan Wise Bauer’s First Language Lessons Level 4, provides pupils with a traditional approach to the study of English grammar.

Language Arts & Literature 5

The fifth grade language arts course emphasizes writing, reading, and grammar study. WriteShop, an incremental writing curriculum, aids students in writing with correct structure and appealing style. Grammar concepts are presented in class and practiced at home using A Beka’s Language B. Also, students read uplifting works of literature such as Johnny Tremain, and The Witch of Blackbird Pond and poems by American authors, which enhance their fifth grade American history study. The students’ reading skills will increase as they participate in class discussions about the meaning and structure of the literature.

Language Arts & Literature 6

The sixth grade language arts course will help students gain English language skills necessary in the transition from Live Oak’s School of Grammar to the School of Logic. This class which emphasizes grammar, writing, and the writing process, in addition to literature studies, continues building on the basics learned in previous LOA English courses. Students will use A Beka’s Language C to reinforce their understanding of the eight parts of speech and their functions in a sentence. WriteShop II, an incremental writing program, instructs students in descriptive, expository, and persuasive writing. The genres of literature that will be read and analyzed include historical fiction, classic literature, and fantasy; books such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Rifles for Waite, and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry will broaden the sixth graders’ knowledge of American history.