Graduation Requirements

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School of Rhetoric classes are taught at the college preparatory level so that students are able to apply to colleges (if they choose) with strong academic entrance requirements. Many home schooling graduates of the Academy complete their education at excellent universities.

In keeping with these goals, the Academy Board will confer a high school diploma on a student who completes our rigorous and substantial School of Rhetoric course of study.

A Live Oak Academy diploma demonstrates that its holder has taken vigorous responsibility for his or her own studies, has gained a depth of knowledge in a complete range of classical and modern subjects, is ready for college, and has taken key steps into a life as a responsible and influential Christian adult.

Diploma Requirements – In order to earn a diploma from the Academy, a student must complete the following minimum requirements:

  • Pass the equivalent of 18 academic courses (4-5 classes each year). Course, credit, and grading requirements are described in detail on pages 15-17 of the Student/Parent Handbook.
  • Earn an overall grade point average of “C” or higher. No more than 20% of classes taken toward graduation may be graded on a pass/fail basis.
  • Pass a minimum number of required classes in certain subject areas, as listed in the the Live Oak Academy Student/Parent Handbook.
  • Perform and document a community service project.

Graduation Ceremony – In order for a School of Rhetoric student to walk in the Live Oak Academy commencement ceremony, one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Student has completed at least eight School of Rhetoric courses at Live Oak Academy during their freshman through senior years, with a passing grade, or
  • Student has completed at least three School of Rhetoric courses at Live Oak Academy during their senior year, with a passing grade, or
  • The headmaster has approved the student’s participation in the graduation ceremony.

For more information about LOA graduation requirements, including a table that provides a comparison of required LOA courses and University of California admissions requirements, consult the Live Oak Academy Student/Parent Handbook.