What Parents are Saying

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“Kamryn has been a joy to homeschool these last 2 years. She has thrived in the home setting and learning environment while participating in various outside activities. Because we are familiar with LOA and have appreciated all that LOA had to provide for our older children academically and spiritually, we know it’d be a great addition at this point for Kamryn. The particular classes we are hoping to enroll her in are a little more challenging for us to do at home and we have seen how much students enjoy these classes together and how well teachers prepare each lesson. We like the structure and curriculum used and would likely choose to use the same if we were to teach solely at home. Live Oak would provide the classroom and social environment that Kamryn would not only enjoy, but would serve to enhance her learning and thought process as she collaborates and hears other student’s ideas and questions.”

~ Grace Porter, parent of a grammar school student

“… I really wanted to say with this message is how much I appreciate all of you and all you did for our children this year. Leaving our home, friends and our community at Live Oak were the hardest parts about leaving California. It was such a fantastic year and certainly the best homeschooling year yet. I appreciate so much the time, effort, and enthusiasm you all put into your work as teachers. My children loved going to school and it felt so good to know not only were they receiving a top notch education but they were involved and participating in such a kind and caring community. It is a standard which I feel will be hard to match as we shop around for communities and school options. Thank you for showing us how great school can be.

With deep respect and appreciation.”

~ Shauna Golembiewski, parent of two students in the School of Grammar (sent after relocating out of state)

“Matthew has been truly blessed [by the] teachers from Live Oak guiding him throughout his junior high and high school years. Matthew thrived with the small classroom sizes and the open discussion format of Live Oak Academy. Because of his experience with Live Oak Academy Matthew chose to go to a small private Christian University. We were pleased with his choice of university. He not only thrived academically but also in his spiritual walk at George Fox University.”

~ Terese and David Mansfield, parents of an LOA Graduate, Class of 2012

“Our daughter is smitten with Mrs. Keller, and the kindergarten experience at LOA exceeded our expectations. Keller’s warm, nurturing, encouraging, positive and calm teaching style has left an indelible memory. As parents, it give us the most joy to see our child thrive, and Makenna has blossomed and learned more in the last 5+ months than we could have imagined. From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful!”

~ Charlene Wong, parent of student in kindergarten

“[My son now] attends a wonderful homeschool co-op once per week at a local church, and attends an independent private school twice per week, and I homeschool him in social studies and vocabulary. Nothing can surpass the excellent and rigorous education he was receiving at LOA, though. LOA, I must say, is unparalleled!”

~ Suzanne Clegern-Siler, parent of a student in the School of Grammar (sent after relocating out of state)

“Both our son and daughter enjoyed their morning at Live Oak Academy. The excitement that they brought home from the visit was beyond my expectations.

In all honesty our daughter wasn’t 100% sure that she wanted to shadow. She’s not much on change. Much to our delight before we even got out of the parking lot she told me that she is REALLY SURE that she wants to come to Live Oak. She took notes along with the class and came out excited about the pancreas, metaphors, the teachers, the kids, all of it. She even asked me to take her to pick up the book they are reading because it sounded like a really good one. She enjoyed spending the day with Mary and has already emailed her. There was an excitement about learning that we were thrilled to see return in her.

Our son enjoyed his time with Derek as well as meeting all the other kids. He noted to me how the kids all seem really interesting and smart. He feels he could learn and grow so much more at Live Oak. His personal goal is to work hard now so that he will be fully prepared and have many options for college. He feels Live Oak is a good place for him to attain that goal.

Our thanks to you, Mary and Derek for a wonderful shadowing day at Live Oak. It was a morning that truly exceeded all of our expectations. We look forward to working through the application process with you.”

~ Traci Land, prospective Live Oak parent of students in School of Logic and Rhetoric

“Live Oak Academy has provided an incredible academic and spiritual environment for our children and a loving, inspiring community for our whole family. The rich curriculum and comprehensive support for homeschooling parents enabled my husband and me to confidently take the leap from public school to homeschooling six years ago. We have never looked back and are so grateful for the exceptional and personalized education, quality instructors, multi-age friendships, and authentic Christian teaching and modeling.”

~ John and Jill Danis, parents of student in School of Rhetoric

“On numerous occasions throughout the school year, my students or myself have contacted specific teachers to request extra help. Their response, on every occasion, was immediate. Live Oak teachers have been responsive, helpful, and encouraging. We are very appreciative of the student encouragement and immediate availability.”

~ Rosemary Alva, parent of student in School of Logic and Rhetoric

“Our children love attending Live Oak Academy. This is their first year and they enjoy the two day per week program. They say they have so much freedom to learn. They also love all their teachers and all the subjects. They have met wonderful friends since there are only 10-12 students in their classes. They truly enjoy their time at LOA. They tell us daily that they enjoy learning at LOA! Thank you very much for an awesome program!! We appreciate all the teachers and staff very much!”

~ Allen Vu, parent of students in School of Grammar

“I love LOA. Every year we are here I am more thankful for the staff, community of families, and quality education that my kids are receiving. The longer I live in the Silicon Valley the more I appreciate LOA and what a unique and wonderful hidden gem it is.”

~ Kate DiGiorgio, parent of students in the School of Grammar

“Thank you for being here for us, and for your amazing service to our homeschooling community. LOA might be the only homeschooling support service in the country with such high-level offerings, and we feel incredibly blessed.”

~ Grace Kam, parent of students in the School of Rhetoric

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Live Oak Academy and the teachers have been the best part of all. We can’t say enough good things about you and your team!”

~ Natasha Drisdelle, parent of students in the School of Grammar

“I don’t know where else my children could receive such good academics!”

~ Andrea Miciano, parent of students in the Schools of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric