School of Rhetoric Fine Art

Studio Art 1 (9th – 12th Grade)

Studio Art develops art principles through drawing, painting and design. Students complete projects to learn fundamental concepts and methods of visual art by using a variety of media and techniques. Students develop skills in individual areas of interest and will train in the use of specific mediums. All work for this course is two-dimensional and will practice foundational skills and individual expression. This course should be taken for students interested in taking Studio Art 2 and AP Studio Art.

Studio Art 2 (10th – 12th)

(Pre-requisite: Studio Art 1 or teacher approval.)

Studio Art 2 deepens and expands principles and techniques learned from Studio Art 1. Students continue refinement of methods and skills practiced in Studio Art and expand them to self – directed works using a variety of media. Most of work for this course is 2-dimensional but students may learn 3- dimensional or digital studies as well. This course should be taken for students preparing or interested in taking AP Studio Art: 2D Design.

AP® Studio Art: 2D Design (10th – 12th)

Prerequisites: Students are expected to work at an advanced level of skills with different mediums and techniques. Portfolio submission or teacher recommendation

This course guides students as they complete a series of college level projects that reflect an area of interest and emphasis. These works can include any combination of 2D drawings, paintings, photographs or graphic design pieces. AP submissions focus on quality of work, concentration on a sustained investigation of a particular visual interest or problem, and a range of approaches to a formal, technical and expressive means of the artist. Students must complete a portfolio of 24 works suitable for AP submission. Students must be prepared to work outside of class in order to complete the extensive portfolio requirements.