Language Arts 9: World Literature

English 9 (World Literature) emphasizes expository and analytical writing in conjunction with the study of imaginative and classical literature. Students are trained in clear thinking and reasoned support of ideas and they are developing their critical reading skills as they also use the text as a basis for other forms of reflection. Students learn to refine their thoughts through small and large group discussion, and through formal and informal written responses to the literature.

Students learn the techniques of literary research and to identify central issues in content and style, to separate major and minor issues, and to think critically about the written word. Course work also includes fundamentals of research writing, including: locating and evaluating sources of information and criticism, note-taking and summarizing, documenting information using standard MLA format, and outlining and presenting the results of their research. They focus on the primary techniques of good writing, including: choosing appropriate subjects, developing theses, and presenting evidence in a logical, clear, and effective manner. Careful attention is paid to the writing process, as students practice pre-writing techniques, first-draft composition, peer-review, revision, editing, and proof-reading.