Christian Studies 7: Studies in the Nicene Creed

The seventh grade Christian Studies course seeks to build a foundational understanding of truth using the Bible as our text and logic as our tool to gain both knowledge and discernment. First, this class provides training in biblical truth based upon the doctrinal statement of the Nicene Creed. Second, it provides training in discernment through the study of logical fallacies. The essential skill of observation will be taught and practiced in order to find examples of both truth and fallacy. Our challenge to each student is to rise to the standards set for church elders, to…

“hold firm to the trustworthy message as it has been taught… encourage others by sound doctrine, and refute those who oppose it.”
~ Titus 1:9

Class time will be devoted to:

  1. discussion of elements of the Nicene Creed and their biblical basis
  2. projects and exercises designed to apply the doctrines of the creed
  3. introduction of terms used to define logical fallacies
  4. exercises in identifying and correcting logical fallacies