Frequently Asked Questions

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In addition to information below, we invite you to learn more about Live Oak Academy by reading our Philosophy and Confession of Faith

Q: I have read the School Philosophy/Profile and the Confession of Faith. I’d like to investigate further. What shall I do next?

A: Both parents will want to attend an Information Night where you will be fully informed about the following:

  • What a classical education means at Live Oak Academy and how it is integrated into the classroom.
  • In what sense Live Oak Academy is a Christian institution and how the Nicene Creed unites our community of believers.
  • How the Parent/Student/Academy partnership works.
  • And much more…

Q: How many days would my student attend classes?

A: Our K-8 full program is two days per week with classes on a Monday/Wednesday, or a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Grades 9-12 meet Monday/Wednesday, and many high school classes require another class session on Friday. Teachers assign all schoolwork, and it is posted online for parent and student access. Enrichment and elective classes meet one day per week.

Q: I have not homeschooled in the past. How will I know if this will work for our family?

A: Many families who join Live Oak Academy have not homeschooled in the past, yet with the support we offer, they are successfully and happily homeschooling their children at any grade level. To determine if this is the best educational plan for your family, start with our Information Night, then plan to go through the entire admissions process which is designed to help you to determine if this would be a great plan for you and your children.

Q: How large are the classes?

A: We believe in small class sizes for optimal learning. Small class sizes build a closer relationship between teachers and their students. Students are much better able to focus on what is taught, and teachers become more aware of individual student needs. At the Academy, sharing of ideas is important, and all students are able to participate in class discussions. Also, to promote rhetorical skills, classes include opportunities for students to make short presentations to their class, and at times parents may be invited.

Q: Can I visit classes or can my student shadow?

A: Yes, parents and students entering K-6 may visit classes together by appointment only on our Class Visit Days. There are no Class Visit Days after April. Students entering 7th -12th grades may request to shadow one of our Student Hosts for ½ day. However, prior to a class visit or shadowing, we require the following:

  1. At least one parent has attended an Information Night.
  2. Complete the Getting to Know You form, which gives information about your family and the applying student(s). This form will be e-mailed to all attendees following an Information Night.
  3. Complete a Class Visit form or a Student Shadowing form at least one week in advance of the Class Visit/Shadowing Day that is announced at Information Night.

Q: Is kindergarten full day or half day?

A: Kindergarten is half day, from 7:30 to 11:55 AM. Kindergarten parents often join their students for a sack lunch, giving the children extra playtime while parents enjoy each other’s company.

Q: Is there a deadline for applying?

A: Early application is strongly encouraged to secure a spot at the Academy. Once the class reaches our maximum number of students, a Wait List is started. Also, please note that applications received on or after May 1 require a higher application fee. Late Assessment Fee and Late Registration Fee are also incurred. (Families can only register and enroll after the admissions process is completed with the Family Interview and acceptance has been offered.)

Q: Do I need to enroll my students in the full program for their grade level, or can they enroll in individual classes?

A: Most students enroll in full program, and priority enrollment will be given to families who do.

Except for K-1, students may enroll in selected classes where space is available; for 1st and 2nd grade, a discussion with the primary department head is needed prior to approval. Full program means five core classes. Students who are enrolled in two or more core classes may enroll in PE (in grades offered) and Choir at no additional tuition charge.

Q: How is an applying student’s grade level determined?

A: We believe that God has created every child to be uniquely equipped for His purposes. This includes gifts, talents, temperament, interests, and a unique pace of development. Our desire is to educate the child as a whole person.

Live Oak Academy staff and faculty will determine grade level and course placement based upon several criteria, listed below:

  • Live Oak Academy administered assessments
  • Transcripts and nationally recognized test scores
  • Student performance, as demonstrated by grades, work samples,
  • Student’s age, maturity, and developmental readiness
  • Parental assessment and recommendation
  • Successful completion of prerequisites, when applicable

Q: My student is in a different grade level for math than he is in English. Can you accommodate this?

A: We value having students learn at the level of their proficiency rather than being confined to a particular grade level. Thus, we make every attempt to schedule our classes, especially Spelling, Math and Latin so that students can move up or down grade levels to match their abilities. While we cannot guarantee 100% accommodation, our schedule provides this flexibility in the majority of cases.

Q: Are volunteer hours required?

A: Yes, families are required to volunteer their time and talents with a standard number of hours per family during each semester. Many varied opportunities are available, some on campus, some outside the campus, and others at special events. Let us know how we can match your valued time with your God-given talents. An opt-out fee may be paid in lieu of hours.

Q: I have heard that Live Oak Academy is very challenging. Do you accept average students?

A: It is true that we believe in challenging our students toward excellence. While a few students are exceptionally gifted, our goal, in partnership with parents, is to develop all students into well- educated, logical thinkers who live their lives for God. This, by the way, will set them apart from the average.

Q: How can my high school student get into a good college if we homeschool through high school?

A: Live Oak students have been accepted into the top UC’s, as well as other highly-ranked colleges and universities. See our College Acceptances page. Colleges and universities have come to recognize that homeschoolers are some of the best educated; they have a good academic track record for achieving high scores on standardized tests, plus they have had the time to passionately pursue their extra-curricular interests. We encourage our families with middle and high school students to attend our college discussions where LOA families can learn about the college process and how to prepare their students throughout the high school years.