Christian Studies 8: Argumentation & Logic

Eighth grade Christian Studies examines the factual evidence in support of our Christian faith. This includes an examination of the reliability of the gospel authors, the integrity of the New Testament manuscripts, the authenticity of Jesus’ claim to divinity, and the veracity of the resurrection account. This course continues building the students’ understanding of logical fallacies begun in sixth and seventh grades. Students continue to learn and practice the important skill of observation in order to find examples of both logical and fallacious arguments, with a focus on messages conveyed through advertisements.

Class time will be devoted to:

  1. discussion and development of concepts introduced in the assigned reading
  2. class exercises designed to enrich the students’ understanding of the material
  3. introduction of terms used to define logical fallacies
  4. group exercises in identifying and correcting logical fallacies

Home assignments will prepare students for class discussions and provide opportunity to apply concepts through comprehension exercises and analysis. Students will complete most assignments independently, but due to the advanced nature of the text, may require parental assistance at times.